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World of Hikes is a dream. It has been ten years in the making. It is a simple dream. We want to document the greatest trek of every country in the world. For this we need to explore treks in every country, write and document treks extensively. Finally, we need to take the heart wrenching decision to feature only that one trek that we feel is the greatest trek of that country. We want people to trek in as many countries as possible, experience the country fully, without getting into the hassle of which trek to choose. To start with we want to bring out treks in countries most people think great treks are not possible. The Atsunta Pass trek in Georgia is our first step. Is this wishful thinking of some mountain lovers? Yes and No. We are mountain lovers and we have trekked extensively. We know such a database of information is a boon for hikers across the world. This is the wishful thinking part of  it. Where the wishful thinking ends is our experience. Over ten years we have done exactly this in India, documenting trails and bringing them out for people to explore, through IndiahikesThe Indiahikes website today is the largest database of trek information in India. Every month thousands of trekkers use the website to go trekking on their own. As you see from the website, Indiahikes is also the largest trek organisation in India. Over 20,000 people trek with Indiahikes every year.Similarly, we would like folks to trek with Indiahikes. We believe that the World of Hikes trek experience is not about doing the trek. It is about experiencing the country deeply along with like-minded trekkers.

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